Íakīm al-Ummah Mawlānā Ashraf ÝAli Thānwi (raÎimahullÁh) says:

”During the time when I had written TafsÐr BayÁn al-QurÞÁn (his unique Urdu exegesis of the Noble QurÞÁn) an Englishman met me very eagerly. He asked, “How much money did you get for this work?” I informed him that I had obtained nothing. Expressing surprise, he said “Then what benefit did you get?” I replied, “Here in this world my Muslim brethren benefit from this work and in the hereafter is the pleasure of the true Lord.”

Mawlānā Ashraf ÝAli Thānwi was the most prolific author of his time but he did not use any of his books as a means of income.

This is but one example of the sincerity of our elders. May AllÁh taÝÁlÁ bless us with such sincere intentions. AmÐn

(Edited by Mawlana Abu ‘Asim Badrul Islam)