Say ”O Allah, Owner of the kingdom, You bestow kingdom to whoever you please and snatch away kingdom from whoever you please. You grant honour to whoever you please and disgrace whoever you please. In Your hand is all good. Verily You are able to do all things.”

Surah Aal-Imran, Verse 26

The excerpt below is from Mufti Muhammad Taqi Uthmani’s Spiritual Discourses

My respected father Maulana Mufti Muhammad Shafi (ra) recounted to us about a journey of Shaykh al-Adab Maulana I’zaz Ali (a distinguished graduate of Darul Uloom Deoband who was later appointed as a teacher at the institute.) My father and other teachers of Darul Ullom Deoband who were students of the Maulana (I’zaz Ali) were his co-travellers. As they were about to leave, Maulana I’zaz Ali (ra) told them that a hadith called upon travellers to appoint one of their members as an Amir (leader), so they must do so. My respected father pointed out that they already had an Amir, implying that the Maulana (I’zaz Ali) was their Amir. He asked, ”Do you wish to appoint me as your Amir?” They said, ”Yes, who would take the office in your prescence?” He said, ”when anyone is made Amir, his command is to be obeyed.” They said, ”Insha Allah, we will obey you.”

They went to the railway station and as the train came, he carried a few baggages and walked towards the train. They said, ”Maulana, what are you doing?” He replied, ”you will have to obey the Amir.” The teacher carried baggage while the students followed empty-handed. Throughout the journey, the Maulana seized every opportunity to serve, always shooting them off with, ”obey the Amir.”

These were our elders. Today, we have built a false prestige and consider these things below our dignity. This is arrogance.