Regarding the differences of opinion which inevitably occur between the ‘Ulamaa (scholars), Hadhrat Shaykh al-Hadith Maulana Muhammad Zakariyya (ra) writes in his Al-E’tidaal Fi Maraatib ar-Rijaal :

Let it be known that it is not unheard of to find differences of opinion among the true and sincere saintly ones. There has always been such differences and there always will be. however, there is no need for anyone who has acquired Islamic knowledge to be surprised at the fact that Ulama can differ. As for me, I am unconcerned about these differences. During the month of Shawwal, our class lectures commence and finish in Rajab of every year. During the course of these ten months, hardly a day passes when the lecturer does not say at least twenty times: ”Regarding this mas’alah, such and such an Imam believes this, whereas such and such an Imam holds a different view.” ”The Sahabas are of this opinion, whereas among the Tabi’een there are such and such differences of opinion.”

If we held that disagreement is a sign of lack of sincerity, it would cause us great anxiety and confusion because it would mean (May Allah forbid) that those saintly persons (May Allah be pleased with them all) will be excluded from the ranks of the saintly ones, just because they differ!

Al-E’tidaal Fi Maraatib ar-Rijaal, Islamic Book Service, Page 2-3