Mufti Muhammad Taqi ‘Uthmani hafidhahullah writes that his father, Mufti Muhammad Shafi’ (ra) said:

“One time, Hadhrat [‘Allamah Anwar] Shah [Kashmiri] Saheb (ra) was extremely sick and his illness had been prolonging. During this time, a false rumor of the demise of Hadhrat Shah Saheb spread at the time of Fajr Salah. It was as if lightning had struck us, and right after the Fajr prayer we all rushed to his house along with ‘Allamah Shabbir Ahmad ‘Uthmani (ra). Upon arriving at his house, we found out that the news of his demise was false. However, his sickness had remained. When we all entered the room of Hadhrat, we found him sitting at his prayer place and in front of him lay a book on a pillow, which he was studying while bending down because of the lack of light. His students were perturbed at this scene, because studying in this posture could increase his illness. Hence, ‘Allamah Shabbir Ahmad ‘Uthmani (ra) willingly said:

‘Hadhrat! We can not understand this. How can there still be an academic discourse that has not been studied by you? If there is some discourse that you are unaware of and should study it, what is the urgent need to know it right now and why cannot this study be postponed until you feel better? If it is really urgent, then are not we here at your disposal? You could have told any of us and we would have read this material and informed you of its contents. This academic endeavour and labour of yours in this poor health can not be tolerated by us’.

‘Allamah Anwar Shah Kashmiri (ra) looked at ‘Allamah Shabbir Ahmad ‘Uthmani (ra) for some time with virtuousness and innocence and then replied, ‘Brother, you are right, but books also hold a craving, what should I do about this addiction’?

Akaabir-e-Deoband Kiya They? Page.43