Hadhrat Maulana Sayyad Abu ‘l Hasan Ali Nadwi (ra) was strongly attached to Imam Ibn al-Qayyim al-Jawziyyah’s (ra) brilliant work, Zad al-Ma’ad, which deals with the fiqh of the Sunnah. He held it in high esteem and valued it greatly. Accordingly, he once related:

My madrasah education had finished and free reign in study had begun. Hafidh Ibn al-Qayyim’s (ra) Zad al-Ma’ad had become my library, my travel-companion, and was as though my private tutor and teacher. It is difficult to find such an excellent exhibition of Islamic libraries in one book. If I was ever deprived of the treasures of knowledge, and I was given permission for two books, then I would keep with me the book of Allah and Zad al-ma’ad. It has taught me Salah, assisted me in memorizing prayers and Adhkar (invocations). It has shown me the etiquettes of travelling, taught me the rules and Ahkam (commands) of daily life, and bestowed upon me necessary knowledge of the Sunnah.

Maulana ‘Ali Miya aur ‘Ilm-e-Hadith, Majlis-e-Tahqiqat Wa Nashriyat-e-Islam Lucknow, Pages 44-45