Imam al-‘Asr Hadhrat ‘Allamah Anwar Shah Kashmiri (ra) had great respect for knowledge, and as a result, the sources of knowledge.  Examples of his reverence and respect for his teachers and books of knowledge are many. It was due to this reverence and respect on his part that he was granted vast knowledge in all Islamic sciences and was distinguished as the greatest scholar of his age. 

I hope, in future entries, if Allah wills,  to highlight some instances which bear testimony to this particular quality of Hadhrat Shah sahib. (ra). I pray that they are a lesson to all, in particular, to seekers of knowledge.

One such example of his high respect for books of knowledge is found in a quote of Hadhrat Shah sahib (ra) himself. 

Hadhrat ‘Allamah Sayyad Anwar Shah Kashmiri (ra) once said,

After the age of seven I have not touched any book of religious knowledge except that I was in the state of wudhu (ablution).

Quoted from: Naqsh-e-Dawam, Bayt al-Hikmat Deoband, Page 108