Mawlana Ali Miyan’s[1] sister Amat Allah Tasnim (d.1396)[2] translated Imam Al-Nawawi’s renowned hadith book Riyadh al-Saliheen (Gardens of the Pious) into simple Urdu — popularly known as Zad-e-Safar (Provisions of a Journey). The translation has been adorned with a foreword by Sayyad Sulayman Nadwi and an introduction by Mawlana Muhammad Manzur Nu’mani.[3] 

Mawlana ‘Ali Miyan Aur ‘Ilm-e-Hadith, pages 30-31 (Majlis-e-Tahqiqat wa Nashriyat-e-Islam Lucknow)

[1] Mawlana Sayyad Abu’l Hasan ‘Ali Nadwi
[2] Shaykh Muhammad Akram Nadwi writes of her, “Amatullah ‘Aisha bint ‘Abd al-Hayy al-Hasaniyyah (d.1396) memorized much of the Qur’an, and received her primary education from her uncle Sayyid ‘Aziz al-Rahman al-Nadwi and her mother Khayr al-Nisa. She went on to study a large number of books.” [Al-Muhaddithat, page 122 (Interface Publications)]
[3] The different editions of this translation are available from the Shibli Nu’mani Library at Nadwat al-‘Ulama (Lucknow, India)