Fakhr al-Muhaddithin ‘Allamah Zafar Ahmad ‘Uthmani, may Allah shower him with mercy, writes:


“Mawlana [Ashraf ‘Ali Thanawi] began writing at the early age of eighteen and continued doing so until his final years. Since Imam Suyuti, aside from the mawlana, there has been no writer who has been able to write on almost all [Islamic] sciences and author such a large amount of books. He was unparalleled in giving advice and in delivering sermons. If he ever stood to speak at a particular gathering, listeners would, thereafter, not enjoy others’ speeches. Mawlana never gained any worldly benefit from his books, nor did he ever take publishing rights for them. All of his books were written for the sake of Allah and for the reformation of Muslims, and everyone was granted permission to print them.”


Maqalat-e-‘Uthmani, Volume 1, (Karachi: Bait al-‘Ulum, p. 320)