Mawlana Sayyid Mahbub Ridwi writes:


‘‘The humility of Muhaddith [Ahmad ‘Ali] Saharanpuri was such that he would honour his students as a student honours his teacher. Mawlana Sayyid Muhammad ‘Ali Mongeri relates that, ‘‘After teaching his lessons he (Mawlana Ahmad ‘Ali Saharanpuri) would lie down [to rest] at home. When I would visit him, he would sit up for me. One day, I enquired of him, ‘I am one of your junior students. Hundreds of scholars are your students. You are even senior to my father in age. In this old age you teach all day, then lie down to rest and when I present myself you sit up?’ He did not reply.’’


Sawanih ‘Ulama’-e-Deoband (Deoband: Nawaz publications) Vol. 1, p. 251, compiled by Dr. Nawaz Deobandi.