Hadrat Mawlana Muhammad Aslam Shaikhpuri (may Allah protect him) writes: 

”Hadrat Mawlana Khayr Muhammad Jalandhari, who is among the special khalifahs of Mawlana [Ashraf ‘Ali] Thanawi, relates: ‘Hadrat Thanawi said regarding Hadrat [Mawlana Husayn Ahmad] Madani in my presence, ‘Our elders of Deoband possess, by the bounty of Allah, some special qualities. Shaykh Madani has, in particular,   two God-given excellent qualities which exist in him to the highest degree. One is mujahadah (striving for the sake of Allah), which no one else has as much as him. The second is humility. Therefore, despite being everything, he considers himself nothing.”      

(Heyrat Angeyz Waqi’at, p. 212, citing Takmilah Al-I’tidal) 

Chalis Barey Musalman (Karachi: Idarat al-Qur’an, November 2000 ed.) Vol. 1, p.513