Shaykh al-Islam Mawlana Husayn Ahmad Madani (may Allah shower His mercy upon him) said: 

‘‘I was, and all praise is for Allah, blessed with the ascetic company of Qutb-e-‘Alam Haji Imdad Allah (may Allah sanctify his secret); I received [spiritual] training and instruction from him. I was also a humble servant at the doorstep of Qutb-e-‘Alam Mawlana Rashid Ahmad [Gangohi] (may Allah sanctify his secret), who tied a turban on my head with his own blessed hands and said, ‘This is the token of khilafat.’ I served Shaykh al-Hind, my master, Mahmud Hasan (may Allah sanctify his secret) and gained his favour. This was all due to the grace of Allah.’’ 

Malfuzat Hadrat Madani (Delhi: Dar al-Isha‘at, July 1998 ed.) p.132, by Mawlana Abu ‘l-Hasan Barah Bankwi.