The Quranic exegete and expositor of Wali Allahi thought, Mawlana Sufi ‘Abd al-Hamid Sawati, writes of Mawlana Muhammad Qasim Nanautwi (may Allah shower His mercy upon them): 

‘‘His worshipping Allah Most High was such that he would often recite the qur’an, alone, throughout the entire night, in supererogatory prayer (nawafil). One night, he recited twenty-seven parts of the Qur’an in one rak’ah.’’ 

Ajwibah-e-Arba’in, p. 21 (Gujranwala: Idara-e-Nashr wa Isha‘at Madrasah Nusratul Uloom, 3rd edition, December 2004)