Mawlana [‘Ubayd Allah] Sindhi writes regarding Shah Isma‘il Shahid in Kitab al-Tamhid: 

‘‘I had read the Shah’s Taqwiyat al-Iman prior to professing Islam. Thus, it benefited me immensely in the rejection of polytheism. In fact, in one aspect, this book became a means to my accepting Islam. Therefore, Imam Muhammad Isma‘il is my teacher and Imam, and I have great love for him, just as people have love for the Imams of their respective madh-habs.’’

Shah Wali Allah Awr Unki Siyasi Tehrik, p. 67 (footnote) (Lahore: Sindh Sagir Academy, 2008 ed. ) by Mawlana ‘Ubayd Allah Sindhi